Red & white,my True Mate

Meditating really pays off! it turns out that i'm a red wolf,and while i was thinking i'm a artic wolf(white,or grey wolf) that's what color my mate might be! i seem to wrestle at times,mainly just rolling,but i don't think that counts,as in my last story,i'm a gamehead! and my wolf's eye color is green,and so is my favorite color! well,all this is amounting 4 me looking for my mate,bladewolf,out...renegade 4 life,lol! don't look at me that way...i just turned 18.
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I am a black wolf and I will win if we to wrestle!

lol, I did this exercise a long time ago. I know that I'm an Eastern Timber Wolf with goldenrod eyes. I drew her out, letting my hand decide on direction and realized how exactly she looked.

good 4 u XD

wow.. im a white wolf with green eyes.. and i have meditated aswell and met my soulmate in meditation but i jiust met his soul so i dont know how he look like

how does the guy look?

im not sure he was so blurry but i think he was kind of tan, and i do think he had dark hair... im not shore


nope,not me XD im brown and have curly long hair...

yah you are brown? and you have dark hair or ?

if u have dark hair it true sound like you

yeah brown,and dark curly hair...

maybe i can talk to you on PM? i can send you the impression i got in his personality and you can see if it fits?


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I'm turning 18 soon. Keep seeing a red wolf in my dreams. Any thoughts?

what color wolf are you?

I dont know how to tell.

focus deeply,it will come to you.

He is my mate wulf4ever..... paws off.

I don't want to steal anyones mate,trick. He's older than me and I am asking for help.

Sorry :/ damn hormones :/

Its alright. :) i understand. If he's your mate,he won't leave you.

I know that :) I blame the preganacy.

Awww! Ur pregnant! :)

Yeah! :)

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