Finding Women Like Me

 Last night I went to this show, Tell Me Something Good. It was amazing! The stage was full of women built like me, and they were all so beautiful. They had large muscular legs, broad shoulders, and FULL figures. I don't really have a problem with my body. I just sometimes feel too big. Looking at the tiny women in magazines, where their beauty is celebrated. It so doesn't help that I don't see a lot of women like me in my daily life, outside of derby. In roller derby we don't really celebrate our hotness so much as our athletic ability. So seeing these beautiful athletic women dancing across the stage made me feel even more beautiful than I ever have. Their hair was perfect, so were their make up outfits and bodies. Their bodies were amazing truth be told. At risk of sounding conceited, their bodies looked like mine. Thick, not in an unhealthy way but muscular and curvy. It was so wonderful and reassuring. 

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1 Response Feb 8, 2009

Wow.. now go see a doctor