And They Call Me Negative...

If I got a nickel for everytime I hear I'm negative, I would be richer than Bill Gates. No matter where I am, no matter what the topic is, people who don't know me that well always think I'm negative!

For example: last week, me and my wife went with some of her friends to one of those bars who got their own pools, which is cool, and we sat near the big one. We were just chilling and catching up when the dude in front of me said something and his girlfriend poked his ribs. He started laughing uncontrollably. Apparently that was his weak "tickle" spot and he just said: I actually like to be tickled, I'm gonna start practicing and one day I'll be able to tickle myself".

My wife looked at me like "wtf" and I said it's impossible for a human being to tickle himself. He looked at me like I had deadly offended him and he goes: "Why the hell are you always so negative?! Can't you just have a little bit of faith for one moment?"

I just wanted to punch him right the face... I'm mean, I was right! It is impossible to tickle ourselves cause our cerebellum is actually able to predict sensations when our own movement is the cause of them, which doesn't happens when someone else tickles us!

I know i'm not wrong when I say this kind of things cause I just can't stand stupid questions or thoughts, so I answer them the more rational way I can. I don't get why people make such a big deal out of it...
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I can tickle my own feet! Its not impossible, I think it would be more improbable. The mind is still a mystery to us. I say if a man can set himself on fire and sit in lotus position and show no pain. tickling your self should be an easy task!

elprup, people don't pleasure themselves by ticlking but by stilmulating a certain part of their body... You're just like that dude I talked about!

because people wanna live in a positivity bubble and ignore reality <br />
<br />
i know it drive me nuts too

I think I understand why you have this happen because I too do and it's because we take things people say literally and a joke is sometimes not meant to be taken literally. I still beleive it's a good thing to take things literal, it means you can sift through the bull and tell if someone is full of it or not ,you have an analitical mind and that's just great. I take everything literal and sometimes I too get someone telling me to lighten up and let the others bull----but I am bored with the stupid jokes and just bull----.

Hmmm...yeah I think I agree with soundforsight but maybe he was drunk..or an idiot.