the Clash Between Realism And Dream

To state that I am a realistic dreamer is contradictory in itself, but it does apply.  Like most people I have my dreams, goals that I want to reach, but the realistic part of me says they won't be handed to me on a silver platter.  I will have to work to make my dreams come true and sometimes I may have to make compromises or let go of the dream. 

I once held on to a dream of being an Olympic swimmer, I could have done it too.  My grandfather had a coach lined up for me in California, I was in North Dakota.  The realistic part of me turned my back on the dream as it meant my parents uprooting our family, leaving their jobs, family and friends behind.  At the time it was not a realistic thing to do.  I do not regret leaving the dream behind as I still have my love of swimming which I was afraid I would lose and I grew up as a normal child who was able to run free and play rather than being confined to a strict schedule of school and practice.  Yes, the regime is for some people.  Realistically, it just wasn't for me.

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it is difficult to judge if the dream is realistic and how u can fulfill it. some times, we must change the dreams

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Old timer here....never stop dreaming. Better yet, try fulfilling those dreams. Some of them will happen for you. <br />
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Mr. Ford tried a lot of times before he got a good car. <br />
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Mr. Edison tried hundres of times before getting light bulb to work. <br />
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Mr. Bell fails over 300 times but he make it JUST ONCE and the telephone was born. <br />
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You can do it. <br />
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