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Judging A Book By It's Cover

Essentially if I am not keeping my military cut, in shape, and face clean cut I look like a slob. I don't have many clothes and the ones I enjoy wearing out have tiny holes here and there or are fairly old and worn. I am constantly told I look like a homeless person and have been mistaken for one some times as well...

In winter I wear a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals because I have lived here all my life so I am use to the climate. However I am often discriminated against when I go out being told that I look awful and shouldn't be going to the places I go. I simply do not care (nor can I afford) nice new clothes.. So to most people who don't know me for who I am.. Clothes and the cut make the man sadly...
sintobus sintobus 22-25 5 Responses Jan 6, 2013

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I don't think you look bad or homeless at all. >.< I'd slap a hoe.

Your avatar is adorable at any rate..

Why thank you~

However I dress like trash and take little care of myself when I don't have to keep appearances for work. :P

Nothing wrong with that

You're a guy? **** I thought you were a blonde chick.

A lot of people think I am! D:

You might wanna fix that lol.

Lol Lol you dont look homeless. Ha you have to tell me these stroies!

From what I can tell about your dress I imagine when seeing you in the winter I'd have a very good idea of what your teeth and hair look like. I personally don't care very much for winter clothes, bundling up is alot of nonsense. Maybe I can gain your resistance to the cold someday.

Ha surprised to see you respond regarding this~ Very amusing indeed. My answer to your question was more of a joke than anything. However I do not value my personal appearance much as it is something that can change at a moments notice if I feel like it.

I totally respect that. I work in an office 6 days a week and dress there is very particular and generally lends itself to the professional atmosphere my supervisors enjoy so much. Not to mention I won't claim I'm not slightly addicted to shopping. We all have our vices I suppose. I understand what your saying though, people judge on looks, myself included. It can be frustrating.