Tired Of The Bull

I have been married for twelve years miserably might I add. I have tried to stay mainly because my children love their father. although he is a good dad ,its just that I feel like he thinks that I am his mother. At times it can get very stressful when my children who are one year apart need me and then my husband expects for me to drop everything and tend to his needs. All the responsibilities of the marriage have been put on me because his excuse is I dont know what to say or I dont know how to do it. Ive tried to seperate from him  several times but he just migrates back because he has no family. Im trying to be civil about this but Im just flat out tired of him. I want to desire a man, I want to feel like I can wait to see a man not always smothered and called 100 times a day . I am to the point that I am considering finding me someone just so I can be happy. even if that means on the side. I so tired of wearing this fake smile and always encourageing him every time he scrapes his knee in this game we call life. If any one out there has any advice for me I am open to recieve it. I welcome your thoughts. What would you do?
keicha keicha
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 11, 2010

My husband was like that..I also tried to save his butt on everything he needed, complained about, favors he ask & the usual needy ways he had. He was a nice person ..I couldn't stand it anymore.I left & it was a relief. i wanted a man not a big baby ,,he needed me to be the stronger one .That's not reasonable..for me.