Yes, I Play the Game

Okay, so I hate rules. When I was a kid, they didn't make sense. Now, as an adult, I WISH they didn't make sense but they do. I still hate rules. I don't like being told what to do. I wish I could do whatever the hell I felt like doing, and not be judged by it. I wish, for instance, that I never HAD to take a bath. But if I don't want to stink, and if I don't want to see anyone's nose twinge or lips curl upon my approach, well, I have to take a bath, and be well groomed. But it sucks. I think that secretly, I want to be like Navy Brat's dog, because I love water. But because I love playing in it. Standing in a shower, sitting in a bath, is boring. Now granted, when the cat falls into the tub with me, that makes it a little more fun, but who has time for cleaning up the mess aftwards. And why do I have to mow the yard? I love wild grasses and all the butterflies they cats would probably love playing hide and go seek in the yard too..

But yes, society has rules. Sigh. LOTS of rules. And well, if you don't follow them, it doesn't mean your a bad person, it just means you won't always get to play with whom you would like, when you like, where you like, because you will be rejected.

When it comes to your career...I don't recommend that you be the type of rebel that doesn't follow society's rules. If you want to be a full fledged rebel, and have other's sing and dance to the beat of your drum, try music or art....or science. Eccentricity is expected and accepted here. But there's no room for ANY falsehood, these guys can see through muddy water, they are so in tune with reality.

Why am I writing this story? Because I'm married to a rebel...and in my heart I'm still rooting for them that yes...we ALL matter...and alot of the rules are silly, controlling, obsessive compulsive rules for turning everyone into something that everyone can accept, handle, seemingly understand.

But yeah, I wish I could walk out the door in my pajamas or comfortable attire, and walk into work and just do what I have to do, without caring whether I'm wearing jeans or slacks. But, I do like having enough money to drive a car, go to the movies, help others. Yep. I'm a rebel. But...I'm not stupid.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Good Story. Yeah, society has a lot of rules ... TOO MANY. I wish life was more fun and less work. I'm a rebel. I secretly break little rules here and there. The older I get, the better at it I'm becoming. Heee hee heeee ;D