Tomorrow I'm out of here - or I'm no longer an undergrad anyway; I graduate tomorrow :o

I'm really sad& a little scared.
I'm going to be leaving the state at the end of August for graduate school which means major distance from Aharon.

I wish he could come to :(

I would remain an undergrad for the rest of my life if it meant being near him. I mean, I know I don't need to go to Out of State Grad School X but...all my efforts would be wasted. I know the logical thing to do is to attend& it hurts to leave him here.

He's finally out to his wife& lives apart from her. He tells me he loves me& that I'm "[his] man" - it makes me so happy to hear that. I know once I'm out of sight though, it will be harder for him to feel that way about me. He'll come across someone else& I'll be forgotten. Yes, I'll be in graduate school but who cares? I won't if I don't have him.
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It sounds like things are much better than when you wrote this...but if things don't work out, keep going on with your have a lot going for you man

Ur great - & need to focus on yourself& ur accomplishments not Aharon. I's cool that you love him& everything but ur young& shouldn't question grad school for anyone...including him!!!