And Its Hurting My Potential To Actually Have A Life

I'm an extreme introvert, but not a hermit. Hermits live in the wilderness. I like my A/C.

I remember being introverted as far as first grade. I remember playing with other kids when forced to, or playing by myself. One day, during play time, a child therapist observed our class, writing observations. My mom saw this, and she quickly forced me to play with the other kids, so that the therapist wouldn't write that something was mentally wrong with me.

Since then, as a general note, I've always been introverted. But usually it was just mild and livable. In other words, I could still make friends easily and still interact with people without feeling self-conscious. But over time, it's gotten worse. It's gone from mild to life-choking. I'm standoffish, because I think most conversations at work are nonsense. Who cares who slept with who? Who cares if he ain't the daddy? Is any of that paying your bills? No. I feel a heavy sense of self-consciousness. I always feel judged. And socially awkward. And I don't know why.
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I don't think your moms actions helped

i too am an introvert.some call me a hermit but i just spend a lot of time alone.always have.i dont trust people.but we need others and they need us.peace