I see the sunlight sneaking in;
Dust particles take a ride.
I dare to barely lift the curtain,
keeping the darkness inside.

The cars outside all look like tin,
and roll by much too fast.
The field is breezy, cold, and cruel;
the emptiness much too vast.

I see some clouds that don't see me.
They float by without a care.
I smell the grass, that's just been trimmed,
it frolics with the air.

The sunlight pushes back at me,
and quickly I hide my face.
I want to put the curtain back;
everything in it's place.

I can not go outside today,
my head is full of sorrow.
I hurt to go outside today,
but maybe I will tomorrow.
itsaggggthang itsaggggthang
31-35, F
Mar 9, 2015