I Want to Be a Recluse

 I´m not a recluse, but I would like to be. Because I know that I am very boring and narcissistic. I don´t think people enjoy my company. I would like to be by myself all the time and not have to worry about other people and their reactions to me. Does this make me very selfish? Is it ok to be a recluse?

Gladyz Gladyz
22-25, F
5 Responses Sep 2, 2009

I didn't really choose to be a recluse. When people find out my nasty little secret they choose to ostracize me. I merely am ending what they started. If you aren't diagnosed with a psychiatric label you have no real reason to hide from people. Unless you want to be a religious hermit. But that doesn't sound like one of your motives.

I wonder if the replies you got came from ppl who have been reclusive. I bet not. It's the ones who have no idea what or how you feel that have all the 'positive' remarks because they are the way we'd like to be, but find it impossible to change into something our genes won't allow. No matter how hard I tried to be positive and upbeat, it always fizzled and back came the serious me who questioned life and was forever searching for the illusive answers. You are what you are, and you deserve to respect yourself for it. There was/is a reason you exist and maybe you'll not know about the things you said or did that caused others to choose a different route or become better people, but you are precious and a great value to the world around you, even though you don't see it.

at some point you regret the decision to be separate from life. When a person dies they only care about the work they did and the people they have had in there life. In order to express that you need experiences both good and negative to paint the picture that will be your life.<br />
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Being a recluse only serves your need to be safe and content with what you have, it will however be not comparable who choose to be with others who tend to inspire or even push you to higher levels of accomplisment and relationships both monitarily and emotionally. <br />
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You get one go at this thing called life. Take risks, fail, triump It's better to die trying to have wondered what happened to my sheltered life.

Listen dont try to be a recluse its not a glorified lifestyle, its just a way of life your swept into. i wish i could fit in, i have tried, its how i view life and percieve people thets the problem. be yourself xxx

i think that u had a big laugh after you wrote this i mean how fuKed is it that u are blessed enough to be able to communicate with people yet almost mockingly come on here and say<br />
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