I wonder if the world misses me as much as I miss the world.

Whether it does or it doesn't, life go's on without me. I know because I hear it lived loudly.

My abode is an abyss that sits on a main street. I hear the mumbles of people and their wandering feet.

People coming, people goings, cars passing, like a ocean flowin.

The traffic is my sea shell. A melodic keepsake of a place I once once been.

A place I feel I no longer fit in.
EtherealRecluse EtherealRecluse
26-30, F
3 Responses Oct 12, 2015

You write gorgeously.

Thank you, your kind words mean a lot.

You're very welcome. :)

It is not life's responsibility to go to you. You need to go to life. Life will go on. It always does. You need to find something that you can contribute to the world and do it. Don't become one of those people that hides from life, but one that contributes to and improves life around you. Good luck

I'm attempting to improve myself with my time. I don't want to be half *** in life. I don't want to present something to the world that I can't be proud of. Nor do I want to be hypocritical. I want to contribute to the the world by helping the hurting. In order to do so I need to heal. I want to resurface from growth then teach others how to do the same.
-The idealist

Just don't wait too long. If your always going to be looking to be 100% happy with yourself then it will be a long long wait. Nobody ever is. Don't ever compare yourself to others either. That's a game you always end up losing

Its much easier to help people that you can relate to on a personal level. If I can't relate to a person then I typically don't trust that person. Except Dr. House he was a jerk and a genius character I could trust him based on reputation in the hypothetical tv world. You should give the real world a chance to accept you for the person you are or let us help heal what ever it is that you think is wrong with you.

Poetic. You should break free from the abyss of an abode and take notice of the coming and going of the people outside your door. You might find a new perspective, friend or more. The world you feel you don't fit into won't make room at the table if you will only eat in the kitchen.

I certainly miss the table talk. I don't plan on staying in the kitchen for long. Thank you ❤️

Everyone becomes family when they eat at the table you just have to find a seat among the people and enjoy our company. And You are most welcome.