I Suck At Life And Have No Future In Sight

i am slowly becoming a recluse i have had 2 real friends in my life and have alienated the 2nd one a couple months ago because i just dont feel like i could be a good enough friend why do i think this? bcuz i am fat now dont get me wrong im fat but i can run jump play sports run up stairs and all that sht but its just engraved in my mind that nobody will accept me.

another factor is my intrest i am a nerd of sorts i love anime videogames and mmos the 4 of you lol probably have had a hand in these activities so you would know how much they are not accepted in normal society thus conversation with popculture loving sport freaks is impossible for me 

if anybody ever get on this group my email is greenincognito@yahoo.com

if u want to talk or whatever contact me i live in pittsburgh p.a


greenincognito greenincognito
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3 Responses Oct 18, 2009

I am a happy 53 yr old recluse, when I was your age I was homeless. Since then I've had a hellava life. First off work on yourself; if you think being fat is a turn off, then it is for others: lose weight You've got plenty of time, much more than you think. Become the person you want to be and you will attract the right people.

hey im a recluse.. and to be honest i like it.. iv been let down by most people, iv lost majority of my close family, iv been abandoned at times of need. however from outside looking in i am sucessfull.. im a recluse because my expectations of humanity are too high- i feel i am constantly let down... im old school, i would die for my friends, i feel so disollusioned that im happy to be a recluse xxx love you guys tho if we were mates that would sort all the problems and none of us would be recluses... the end xxx

dude, I feel the same way about the no future in sight and all that too. I would try not to worry about what the world accepts as 'normal'. You just need to get the mindset that all of those things that make you happy IS normal. You make it normal. I love video games n **** and could care less what other people say. People respect you for being confident in the things you are interested in. If there's anyone who would try to diss me for anything like that I wouldnt skip a beat. If they were being serious I would probably laugh in their face. Another big thing is.......well...if there are any popculture loving sports freaks that you honestly feel like you cant be yourself around......why are they worth talking to or hanging out with? If anything you can take this and look at yourself as higher than them if they are that single minded. So yeah I dont know if I helped at all but I felt like giving a peace of my mind so peaceeeee.