Hi I'm trying to quit smoking herion.. I hate it! I don't feel "normal" I want to feel "normal" again.. Everyday I can't get up & go unless I smoke! It sucks so bad having to literally DEPEND on a drug! I'm tired of it! Me & boyfriend are trying to quit herion but it's sooooo hard!!! Ugh! we don't inject, we SMOKE it. Id say together we smoke about 1.5- 2. grams a day. So half that is what I smoke... Damn.
Anyways, well I've been smoking for 1 year now & WANT TO QUIT THIS HORRIBLE DRUG!!
So I've heard of doing the (methadone to subutex to suboxon) method, but I also heard about thee Thomas Recipe ? I've heard MANY have kicked using this recipe. I've read very successful stories using the Thomas recipe.

Anyways so if anyone has any advice to help me quit off this drug please pleSs pleas let me know... /: I need to get off this drug... My life is Litterly falling apart ... My family is really disappointed in me too...
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I am clean for a month now, I don't know how to describe how i went through withdrawal but I'll try to share you the best I can.
Go away to some unfamiliar place. (I don't want you to go too far though, because when you come back you will be tempted again) Instead go to someplace not so far away from where you stay yet unfamiliar. I went to some place where i couldn't find heroin or other drugs and did something similar to the Thomas recipe, I had with me some Valium and Xanax so i can go to sleep. I hang ropes from the ceiling and walls to hang my legs to avoid the Restless legs syndrome. I take a lot of HOT SHOWERS. BATHTUBS will be a lot better.
I just checked out the Thomas Recipe you mentioned, I didn't know there was some Thomas recipe out there up to now, but I was doing something similar and I totally agree. I've tried many ways to kick the dependency. But each time I developed a dependency for the substitute. I tried methadone for a year but quit immaturely, I had tapered my methadone to the minimal dose by the time i quit but I didn't went through the other two phases (Methadone - Subx - Subn) and went cold turkey for 15 days. I personally think methadone dependency is worse than heroin. Before methadone I had went cold turkey many times, have tried the recipe method 3 to 4 times. The longest I could last was four days and it was just once. I used to relapse on the third sunrise and I blame that on my poor determination. The reason I could endure that grueling 15 days was because of my girlfriend and location. I was far away from civilization. No phone signal, no vehicles, just me, my girlfriend and my cousin with his shot gun on a river bank sleeping in tent. Had I been using heroin the withdrawal might have subsided more than 90% but methadone last much longer than heroin, it reaches deep down the bone marrow. I was still yawning and had watery eyes, the body aches were still there. we left the river banks after the 15th day and for some unfortunate reason my girlfriend had to leave me and I lose my motivation and eventually relapse.
I am clean for more than a month now and still counting, I still have some tingly sensations left on my legs but I can forget that by concentrating on other things. I am never gonna touch heroin again, I am not going through another withdrawal. I have a new personality now. They say once an addict always an addict, I ll prove that wrong.
Oh, just for the record, one more tip, for most people sex drive tends to improve during withdrawal and having sex makes you forget the Restless Leg Syndrome and lets you relax for a while. I guess its because having sex releases dopamine. If you can find some ways where your body can naturally releases dopamine it might help too and don't forget the hot showers.

I'm hoping someone who is either a current heroin addict or a recovered heroin addict will read this and help me with the hundreds of questions that I have. My husband of almost 20 years just died. Of a heroin overdose. I had no idea he was using street drugs. He's been on strong rx painkillers (oxycodone, oxymorphone) for several years due to chronic pain from past injuries etc. Please help me understand the cycle of heroin use so I can make sense of the last couple of years of our life together when I knew something was terribly wrong but didn't know what. He also has a bipolar diagnosis. What do you feel like/how do you act within seconds of injecting? What about the next few hours (what does 'on the nod' mean?)? What about several hours afterwards...how do you act/feel when your body needs more? I've been told heroin users like to use alone because they often go to sleep right after injecting. Is that right? He's been known to 'fall asleep' in the bathroom for hours at a time, which I thought was the aftermath of his terrible insomnia. Now I'm feeling pretty foolish. Of course I have to worry know about the terrible diseases he may have passed on to me due to him possibly sharing needles, but how does heroin use affect libido? Should I assume he's been unfaithful? When he's been interested in sex in recent months, was it probably when he had recently injected or when he was coming down or what? If anyone can help me make sense of what's happened I will be grateful.