I Even Have A Song Dedicated To It From Me To Me

May be 16 but I've lived Class A team by Ed Sheeran.
Been that way since 13.
Recently pulled myself out of it.
I had to move out of my armpit of a home town.
It smells like cow **** and is full of every drug, drug addict, and scandalous situation you can think of, if you want to find it.
Not saying it's the only town like that.
I know I can recreate my own hell here, if I choose.
I choose not to though.
I want this fresh start in this beautiful country side more than anything.
Here, I feel hope, love, and I'm working on trust.
I have everything I could possibly need, and it's all due to my loving God.
God saved me, and I know he can save you too.
Only if you trust him enough.
I owe many of my lives to him.
I should have been dead too many times to count by now, but God has a different plan.
Thank him that he does.
I owe everything I have to him, and I mean everything.
That's how I found relief from the disease of addiction, and I will never forget my Lord and Savor, my answer.
he8myheart he8myheart
18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013