From Most Likely To Succeed To College Drop Out And Addicted To Coke..

My name is Landon, and im 22 years old. I live in a fairly small town called Lexington, Tn. I grew up here all my life, and excelled in sports and academics. My dream was to play college football, but after a back injury near the end of my senior season i knew that dream wasn't going to be possible. I felt a huge void in my life as soon as football ended. Me and my other football buddies soon started experimenting with marijuana. An older guy that was about 21 at the time introduced it to us. It all seemed fun and harmless at the time, but of course drugs are never harmless. Soon i was staying out at all hours of the night sometimes all night without letting my mother know anything of where i was. i went off to college a utm.. all i cared about was smoking and drinking.. i failed out and for the first time in my life felt like a failure. My senior year i was voted most likely to succeed yet hear i stood the very next year already failed out of college. this failure propelled my drug habits into trying other drugs.. like cocaine and shrooms. things got worse lost all my money i had saved. me and my dad got into a fight and we were both hurt really bad. we went through the front window and it cut an artery in my arm. i moved in with my uncle and then i met a girl who 3 months later i married. we got our own place and i was off drugs for 2 months. i got back into college at the local community college and was working at the time. and we stayed married for 2 years. One day i came home and bam...she was gone had packed everything and left me.. i was distraught. She blamed it all on my **** addiction.. i looked at **** like once a month so i wouldnt call it a bad addiction but never the less yet again i had lost something i loved and wanted due to an addiction. Felt like a failure.. relapsed. Its been a little over a year now since she left and ive been sober except for alcohol for 7 months. Im trying to find my drive and the old me. Ive dug myself a small hole but im thankful for my family who never gave up on me and that im still alive and able to recover.. God Bless
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Thank you for sharing.You've described your life very accurately.I could identify so much.<br />
See, I had stopped doing heroin n switched to alcohol.Started rebuilding my devastated life.Held a job,got a house,saved money , got married n then after 7 years- Bang! Relapsed into heroin again n within a week was back where I was 7 yrs back.It was much worse this time - ultimately put up my hands n accepted that I'm an addict n I cannot do any drugs/drinks at all.Sought help from other addicts in the meeting rooms of NA.(You can read my story about my recovery here)<br />
Since then my life changed n my eyes opened- I could understand the fallacy of switching chemicals- as s3r3nity wisely said - any chemical will take you to the worst.<br />
Give yourself a break n please try out NA - after all, what's the harm? On the other hand- your very life is at stake !<br />
Wish you all success.<br />
Love n Hugs

Landon,<br />
<br />
thanks for your story :)<br />
''Im trying to find my drive and the old me''. Yeah, I can TOTALLY RELATE! I'm 2yrs sober and it comes and goes. Sometimes my Lust for life will return with a Bang and the old me sufaces but then fades. Its fleeting but as time goes on, it gets better. Ups&downs.<br />
Keep going :)<br />
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Congrats for 2 yrs of daily miracles, n for today.Thank you, Love n Hugs.Keep coming back

Hi Landon I have been on that path of destruction myself and learned the hard way. I quit using cocaine and marijuana n 'thought' I could drink alcohol. That was another wrong choice. I created more disaster doing so. Alcohol n marijuana is the beginning that will take you back to your d.o.c eventually or worse jail institutions or death!!! Addiction is a disease like cancer! By using any mind alterating chemical you are feeding your disease. We as addicts cannot afford to play with any chemicals. I have learned this the hard way. Please consider what I am saying and quit drinking it will take you straight back to the old road you been on. Go to meetings read the basic text of NA and get a sponsor. Good luck and by the way I am from Lewisburg TN!

Congrats n Thank you.Love n Hugs

Hi Landon,<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing. You've had some pretty rough times and it's encouraging to hear you say you've been without your drug of choice for 7 months. You go, guy! One day at a time... :) The work is well worth it, in my experience... <br />
<br />
Carolyn CJ Jones<br />