Jesus Christ Is My Savior.

I grew up in a military home, father was a drunk, and an abuser. Not the greatest environment but it wasn't all bad. As a young boy I can remember getting into **** magazines occasionally. It developed to be a strong desire over many years. As years went on I began dabbing more and more, as well as experiencing sex, and self gratification. I would feel the desire in my heart enrage and urge for it. After the experience was over, it was like complete and utter shame, guilt, and would come over me like I was doing something wrong. As the years went by my appetite for it got worse and worse. I began exploring the side of homosexuality, men, crossdressers, and transsexuals. The more experience I had, the worse I felt. A few years later, I joined the United states marine corps. As dealing with my inside issue I began to realize that alcohol would numb this feeling of despair, and guilt. So I began using alcohol, and slowly began experiencing with over the counter drugs. As time in the alcohol addiction mixed with my other addictions, my actions began getting worse. I was eventually kicked out of the service. Pattern of misconduct. Well not to long after this, I met my wife, Lindsey, she was my completetion I felt, was my rescuer, until. All the new began to wear off. Ad my old started surfacing, the homosexual attractions, ****, alcohol, opids. But she accepted me for who I was. Well I didn't, so this enraged me, caused me to begin to become very abusive, physically, verbally, emotionally, thought our marriage and her pregnancy with my daughter. I was unfaithful, perverse, sexually immoral, I was a man who was in bondage by Satan's demon. Finish off a testimony. I went to a biblical rehab spent 8 weeks found God, repented, surrendered my life to him, and I'm living a Christ centered life!!! Amen!
Jondoolittle Jondoolittle
May 11, 2012