My Ending And Beginning

Well im not sure how to do this but lets start by saying today is my 25th day clean from meth woop woop and its been a ride from hell with the highest highs ( higher even than when i was still taking meth) and lows (that come no where near as low as the come downs did) and its the best decision i ever made.

it all started 22nd of may, i was coming down from smoking a few grams over the last couple days and was in a situation where i definitely was starting to see the truth of how much id lost and what i was throwing away by continuing to follow that path. i sent a couple of texxt to my adoptive parents that i knew would inspire them to call me and ask if i was okay and after my dad called i broke down on the phone crying and begged my dad to let me come home and to "home rehab" me because i couldnt take it anymore. arrangemennts were made by about 6pm and by 10pm i had packed, found a ride, and driven the hour dive there and was home to start my recovery.

at that stage i was majorly underweight being 43kg (when im meant to be 52.5kg according to my height), i am now happy to say that i am 56kg =)

i spent the first week and a half either sleeping or eating until my dads friend nick came to stay at which point i was enjoying myself so much with computer games and witty conversation i completely forgot to have my naps!!!

so this is my story and to end it (for now) i would just like to add a thank you to everyone that helped me so far in my recovery, everyone that i can remember at the moment is listed sorry if i misseded anyone but thank you to them too

Lil Nicky
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Well young lady you just made a 42 yo man cry, that is so awesome i am at the 30 day mark today, also meth, i am so scared at times and i get in the darkest places in my mind, but i manage to go online and find someone to talk to, or read an amazing story of nw growth. GOD Bless you and your entire family for there love, You mentioned an adoptive parents, well sweetie, always remember that they went and found you they wanted you as there daughter and from the day they saw you they have never stoped loving or wanting you. Be Strong and True. <br />

Thank you. Good luck with ur recovery! Be strong and dont ever start doubting urself. You can do it!