Diary Of A Suicidal Child.

This story will start off as the older sister point of view. Then progress into the writers. I will continue the story as the days go on. I awoke on a foggy Monday morning. 6 A.M. time to get ready for school. I do as I do every morning. Knock on Madis door to wake her up. But today was different. She didn't answer. I knocked even louder, screaming her name. Still. No answer. I simpily grabbed the spare key to her door, unlocked it, then opened it. I slowly stepped in. Walked carefully to her bed side. There I saw, my little sister, blue. She wasn't breathing. A bottle of pills lying beside her. I dropped to the floor and screamed for help. Mother then came rushing in. Quickly, she called an ambulance. But it was too late. By the time they got there, she was gone. Gone forever... A few months have past, I finally got the courage to walk into her room again. Cleaned up the awful mess she had left behind. I came across her diary. The thing she wrote in everyday. I open it. As I read:

January 4, 2012 Christmas break was alright. Family sucks as usual. Got to spend the day pretending to be someone I wasn't. Getting judged. You know? The usual. But after that, my best friend Payton came over. Spent new years together. As always, we snuck out. To hangout with guys. Yes. They had bud. Of course we went. We wanted to get our buzz on. That so bad? Not like we're doing heroin or selling our bodies. Right? After she left, I slept. And fought with mother. She was a raging *****. She thinks she knows me. She doesn't. She knows me of the girl who's a perfect angel. If she knew everything, she'd disown me.

January 13, 2012 School sucks!!!! I try so hard to be perfect, it doesn't work. I kiss one guy, older than I am, and that makes me a *****? But Cindy can give a guy a ******* for drugs and shes everyone best friend. Wow. Okay. Makes sense. Y'all. Moms being bitcher than ever. Only if she knew what I was planning on doing tonight.... she'd lose it... I cant say now though! Going to be late!
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Dec 9, 2012