1 Year Down

I've told exactly on person about this, but felt the need to put it out there tonight.

I quit approximately 1 year ago. I was addicted to opiates (pain pills) and had been for awhile. It cost me my job, a wife, and everything in between.

My addiction came on gradual (as most do) and i was not suspecting what would happen. See I've done pretty much every drug aside from meth, crack and herion. Never had a problem, never had an issue. However I always had a fascination with pills; maybe it was my intrest in 70's Mod culture, maybe my job choices, or the crowd I hung with. Waiting tables and bartending for years and years, you have disposable cash and lots of aches and pains. Pain pills solved that proplem.

It was mostly Vicidin and Percocet to start. Pop a couple after work and a few drinks later all is right in the world. But when I moved to Florida it all changed. Vikes and Percs were getting more expensive, and still took a few....next step? Oxys. or Roxy. Whatever. First popping them...then snorting them.

I met my ex during this time, and she got hooked. Worse than me. I blame myself for her addition to this day...and our marriages failure on that. She eventually (and unknow to me) moved to slamming them (shooting up, sorry)...something I could never do, and told he I would not stand for. Long story short, when we bottomed out; I choose to quit and try to work it out, she choose drugs over me.

So a year ago we seperated, and I moved. No one ever knew (or said they did). I hid my withdrawls (cold turkey) pretending like I had the Flu over the holidays. It's been a year with no problems; only passing thoughts due to sadness and loniness.

I felt he need to post this today. I don't know why. I still have a fear that when people read this they will have a different, a lesser, opinion of me. Guess I'll find out...
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Congratulations....that's a huge accomplishment...be proud. And if people think less of you, screw them! You wouldn't want judgmental people in your life anyway. :)

one of few things in my recent times that I'm truly proud of! and surprisingly (to me anyway) people have been a lot more more supportive that I anticipated :)

Congrats for telling your story! We are only as sick as our secrets. NA needs you! Please come join us!

Congrats for being clean, being free.
Why be lonely n sad ? Quitting drugs is a tough thing -you should celebrate it.
Come to NA meeting , you'll find friends who have been through all that.
No one judges you there, we all have those same past records.
So give it a try , see how it helps, what's the harm?
Love n Hugs

I may just do that. I've thought about it for a while...not sure why I never did. Maybe because my family put such a stigma on it. But as things have progressed, maybe I will...

Great idea.Just do it.
Wish you success