I'm 20 years old. Over the last three years, I've been ****** with hard drugs. I started with weed, then gradually shifted to xanax and cocaine. I binged for a week on cocaine and flipped out and robbed my plug for a little under 4 ounces of white. I then got into it with family, and left like a day later and moved to ATL and started both using and selling blow hardcore. Molly really started to get popular around that time, so when I was partying one weekend, I tried what I thought was MDMA crystals for the first time.... the **** turned out to be crystal meth. OHH MY GOD. That was the best i've felt in my entire life!! After that, I never did cocaine again. It was strictly meth. I was about 19 years old when i became hardcore with that dope. I started selling meth (along with coke and weed) and I started to get cake foreal. But, I also was using meth way too much. In a day, I'd go through about 2 1/2 grams of meth myself... If i tricked off with some girl, we'd do about 4 grams in one night and **** for 8 hours straight before I'd finally bust a nut. That meth aint a joke. I then started to get real ugly lookin. Not like the meth project photos, but more like the "you don't wanna **** with that guy". I was a straight up beast on that meth. I was earning around $2000 a week, while doing anywhere from $1400-$1600 worth of drugs in a week. On top of that, I was spending alot of money out and about in crack motels. Thinkin back, I'd be like scarface sober if I was sober. I could've brought in about $200,000 a year if I was sober then. But guess what *******...... the nigga is sober right now and has been for 2 months!!!!!!!!!
dopeboyswag dopeboyswag
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014