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I often questioned if I had a problem, but seeing as I had blackouts and often drank a bottle of wine myself in a few hours,umm I guess I did. I just hate AA its so "AA this and AA that" and "oh my life was sooo bad" and well honestly my life isnt bad yet, so when I go there I think "im so much better off than them I dont have a problem, but they were so f2854 annoying I need a drink" like the logic??? anyway enough is enough I stopped now and Im trying to see it as a new life rather than quitting something fun. Its actually good after 4 days (yeah ok) I lost weight, treat my daughter so much better and can envision fun without it. I read Dr Drews book Cracked and its kind of comforting. Does anyone know of any other groups besides depressing old AA
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I honestly believe that.. well 1st of all i'm new to the becoming sober thing and I am well ordered to go to AA, I'm doing a 17 week class and well it is amazing, so much better than AA.. At 1st I didn't think I had a problem, I'm only 25 and when I got in all the crazy partying was way younger, but... I continued to go to AA and just listened, didn't share much..There truly is that 1 person who will make a difference for you. The great thing is everyone is there for the same reason.. a desire to stop drinking.. I missed a few meetings and then was like, what if 1 person maybe someone I haven't met before came in for 1 visit and that was the person whose story was exactly like mine, then when you do share and someone tells you that YOU were the 1 person for them to change their mind.. well you get it.. vice versa. God puts you exactly where you are suppose to be at exactly the right moment!

nadams14, almost 1 yr. since your post. Are you still sober. I am just beginning my journey.

A bottle of wine? Oh my god. Thats just the beginning for a night out with the girls....well what i mean is that where im from thats nothing. Maybe the measures are different? Saying that i do come from a place thats known for binge drinking<br />
I have had issues with booze but am doing so much better these says.<br />
still, i do turn to it when im upset

I agree with hairylady. Try and find a meeting that you like...someone you can contect to. Yes there are whiny people but i always think that was the way they were before. keep up the great work and don't give up! if you need someone to talk to I am here.


Not all AA meetings are the same. The trick is to go to a lot of them then go back to the one that you like best. It's called your' 'home group'. It's where you feel most welcome. I hate hearing people whine about how messed up their lives are since they've quit drinking. These people are probably still dealing with the consequences from all of the drinking they've done in the past. Just ignore the whiny crybabies and listen for that one good testimony. Almost every meeting has at least one. And I must say, when you hear words that ring true for you, it's well worth the wait :)

well done hun glad you quit it. i wish i had your strength to quit for good