Where Do I Belong Now

i am echo and im an alcoholic i have had many downfalls that i felt gave me the right to have a drink and another and so on many family suffered from my behavor i guess i just stopped blaming my lifes messes on everything and stopped making excuses the fact was i drank because im an alcoholic and i didnt care enough about anything or anyone today iam sober going on 3 years and its lonley but i feel proud of myself and things will fall into place as long as i remember who i was and who i am now i am lacking social interaction seems hard to get out there but i have faith god will guide me to my place in sobrety thank you for this oppritunity to say a bit about my life
echo90 echo90
1 Response Aug 18, 2012

Good for you, 3 years is great. Maybe for now you could keep your social life alive by going to AA meetings.