Quitting Was Easy, It Was The Aftermath That Got Me!

It took about 2 months after( a long, long addiction to alcohol) for the nerve cells to mend in my head. All the memories came back even from childhood.....The way I had treated people with very little or no regard in many cases....I wouldn't consider myself eveil, but mainly a user of a sort.
I have confessed these actions over and over, and am finding little relief.

I will never be able to apologize to them all for my actions........not ever.

The hardest time is in forgiving myself. It has been very expensive.
The depression that comes with it can be overwhelming, also!

So.....stop the addiction now, before your brain gets influenced that you are ok with things!
My addiction had a sneaky way of softening the hurts I have brought upon others....

Please stop, and straighten things out before you get too far from reality.

Pray for me as this is going to be an extremely uphill battle. I will pray that you stop early on, and live in Christ and to serve others.
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

The detox is the easiest part, when you have the support of he alcohol services. The difficult bit is dealing with the triggers - it's Hell! I will pray for you also.