Holding Your Hands Up.......

Having gone through myself the devastation that the alchohol illness can cause, I find it horrible when i hear people blaming the person themselves for the pain that they cause while they are drinking. Yes it is ultimately down to the person themselves to stop drinking, but its not as easy as that! The addiction eats its way into the whole of your brain, your not thinking properly and it turns you into a different person. I have total sympathy not just for the addicts friends and family but also for the drinker. In the end the only emotion you have left is lonleyness, and whats the point now, iv lost everything now anyway. Its up to you how you use this loneyness though you can either wallow and nothing will change, or you can use that last little bit of fight inside of you to do 1 thing, "hold your hands up" admit that youve got a problem x
emmaB7 emmaB7
31-35, F
Nov 23, 2012