For Anyone Thats Still Struggling X

This message is for you, you will know who you are,
just wanted to let you know im worried about you from afar,
Everyones life is important, everyone deserves to know,
Theres someone there for them when they are feeling so low,
This mornin iv gone crazy n put my christmas songs on!,
Makes me look forward, just that little song,
All i ask is that you do the same, and dont give up hope,
youve reached the end now, you dont want to elope,
You were put here for a reason, it might not feel like it now,
But just have hope and you will get there somehow,
Hold your hands up like i did,admit its getting 2 much,
Look for the numbers and get in touch,
Your life is important, and you would be missed,
Whats not important is just getting pissed!,
Get rid of the drink, and shut the door hard,
Life will invite you back, you ll no longer be barred,xx
emmaB7 emmaB7
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2012