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All my life i had always been an "Anxious" person. I used to really suffer with my confidence issues, but as i grew older i learnt that there was a cure for this...... Alchohol!! or so i thought anyway! The alchohol took all my problems away and while drunk i was never "Worried" about anything! I had "issues" though that i should have dealt with, the drink however never let me deal properly with any of these issues, all it did was block them out for me! The biggest loss in "my" life was the loss of my mum, she didnt die, she just decided she didnt want to see me anymore, there were lots of reasons for this, and i was a horrible daughter really growing up and my mum was a lovely mum id never say anything bad about her, but she "gave up" on me, still to this day we dont speak, and that really, really hurt. I never dealt with this though, instead i used the drink AGAIN!! Because i never dealt with this though, it made me more anxious!
Now im sober iv finally dealt with this issue, iv accepted theres nothing more that "I" can do now, i tryed my hardest but it wasnt to be :( I think thats what lots of us do though, we just pass our problems onto "the bottle" to deal with, and in turn this just makes everything worse! It makes us a worried/ anxious person, and my biggest advice if your feeling this way, would be to deal with them underlying problems "sober!!" I cant promise you the results will be as you want them to be, but you will learn to cope, and that weight will finally be lifted for you. Just have a think about it......... x
Emma Bushens journey into sobriety x (On facebook)
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good for you fr getting sober emma; i am recovering from an eating disorder, bulimia; used drugs a lot when i was younger, stopped when i was 30; i'm now 58; abstinent from bulimia for the first time in my life; but dealing with getting older, loneliness, the fact i didn't have children; with there was a support system/12 step specifically for highly sensitive people; do you know of one? catrina