Not Exactly In Recovery Now

I can't stop drinking. AA hasn't seemed to work for me. I can't find a good sponsor I can trust and count on. I did complete the steps, with a very thorough 4th step. Made amends. And I keep finding myself back in this miserable place. I think alcohol will be the death of me...and hopefully that death will come very soon! I can't live this madness anymore but I can't seem to stop either.
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31-35, F
3 Responses Jan 1, 2013

Put the drink down and ring your sponsor. Go back to the group and get a new sponsor

I was in recovery for a while...and decided to take the death defying plunge....results...alcohols death grip....AA had helped....I just bailed out....its hard finding the right group just keep trying new meetings...not that im a success story...hold on.

Gotta keep trying, keep fighting. There's so much that needs to happen to stay sober, I hope I can keep it up myself.