I got taken out last night for a surprise meal by my lovly husband :)
It did mean i didnt get to my meeting, but theres another 1 on sunday, and last night was the first time scince quitting drinking that weve done anything on our own. As soon as we sat down in the restaurant we were asked what wine we d like though!! We both stuck to cokes :) It did feel funny being out and not drinking, we didnt stay in the restaurant as long as we would have done as well if we had been drinking as well, once we had finished i just wanted to go out for a cigarette as well lol, but was lovely just to go out and spend some time on our own. Definetely going to go out more now in the new year, you dont have to drink to have a good night out, it was just nice to get dressed up and go out together.....
Im so lucky though to have had such a supportive husband, especially after what iv put him through over the years, i didnt appreciate him back then, but now i honestly dont know what id do without him. Hes ALWAYS been there to pick me back up and has helped me so much, i know i wouldnt have made it without him.
He always saw the good in me, even when i made it horrificly hard for him to do this, and he always picked me back up again and put me back on the right track. Without him, my children wouldnt have the family that we have now, he saved everything and todays message is just to say a massive thank you really and we all love you so much :) x (please also see emma bushens journey into sobriety on facebook ;) x
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That's one cute story indeed. ^^
When going out to a nice restaurant I always order 'a carafe of water', it still has the flair (as most carafe's look pretty fancy) wine has too, but not the alcohol. :-)
Ordering soda in a fancy restaurant somehow doesn't work for me, like it's almost inappropriate.

With you on ordering soda in a decent restaurant.

I order a tonic and lime (a G&T without the G) so you don't look feel a 15 year old kid.

Key is that we can enjoy ourselves without the demon booze

One of the most amazing discoveries we will ever make is that a social life is possible without alcohol. Going out for dinner with your spouse, going to parties, going out with friends -- as long as you make it well known that you DO NOT DRINK, people are amazingly understanding.

Stopping drinking does not mean the end of any social life