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Hi everyone; This is more of a little notification than a story. I have told my story her already and it is always freash in my mind. I still thank God every day for giving me the will power and him help for me to quit for good. but what I want to say is that last week on January 9th it was my anniversary. i have been sober now for 14Years .. well that is what i felt that I wanted to share with you all here . I know how hars it is to quit and I am greatful to be here today to be able to say this because if I would not havs stopped i would be dead today. So thank you my friends of experience project and specially of this group. please keep up the good work and you will always make it another day. God Bless you all. Tabitha1960
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Thank you ever so much for writing your story! My date is March 12, 2011, yes, I am a new sober guy. Just past 10 months. I thank God every day for allowing me to be sober! As they say, you can't do it alone! Tried that too many times myself. My hat's off to you! Congratulations on 14 years! That's so cool!

Congratulations. My last drink was April11, 1994

11 January 2004 was not the date on which I had my last drink -- I don't actually remember that one.

My wife had caught me kitchen drinking some months earlier and I had once again sworn to stop drinking, though I would not/could not admit I was alcoholic.

A nightmare I had on the night of 10 January forced me into the admission and on the morning of 11 January, I rang the local self-help group to ask for their help.

So the start of my alcohol-free life is 11 January 2004, because that was the day I looked into my soul and admitted I was an alcoholic and could not beat this on my own.


I had my 9th anniversary on 11 January.

Feels good to be winning this battle, doesn't it?