Sober For 6 Years and 6 Months

Hi, I started drinking and drugging at age 12.  I come from several generations of alcoholics and mental illness.  In my early years I messed around with drugs but alcohol was the winner.  I entered a rehab program when I was 46 and have been sober since then. I believe my primary problem was always of a psycological nature and I used booze as a way to cope.  In time alcoholism became a problem all on it's own.  So then I had 2 problems, I was crazy and a drunk.  After much work through A.A. , sponsorship, cognitive therapy, and the proper medication,  I am no longer that same woman who drank to avoid problems in life.  My marriage ended a few years after I got sober. That was a shock!! I packed up and moved off to Mexico to start over.  So far, no relapses.  But I am having a strange feeling that I would like to try some controlled drinking.  Anyone else gone through this after 6 yrs. of sobriety?

senora senora
51-55, F
Jul 21, 2009