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Been For A Few Years

I grew up as a Roman Catholic, going through all the motions that people do (baptism, first communion, confirmation). I do not think I was ever truly Catholic being who I was/am. I have always questioned it, even when I was young. Also, I do not have quite too positive a history with it either. I wasn't raped or anything that serious, but I went through a hard time. I went to Catholic school and was bullied along with being verbally abused at home by a stepfather. When I would question this, all I was told that it could be worse and so deal with it or predetermined. I went along with it for a while, but finally said that it was not justified and that I am going to be my own person. I was expelled and it was not due to academics (grades were good); it was only because I didn't conform to school ideals. I still went to Church with family and officially stopped a few years ago.
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Hello asert12345678: I went to Catholic school through tenth grade, and then switched to public high school. My grades were 3.25; however, I thought the all girl classes and lunch hours were socially disabling. I decided to save my parents the high tuition payments. My grades were 3.4 in publlic school.
I spent decades as a Bible reading Protestant. About ten years ago I realized I could no longer pretend I believed Jesus was "true god from true god, cosubstantial one in Being with the Father, by whom all things were made." I dislike the idea of being bullied and verbally abused because a person does not believe the magical and impossible. There was no "virgin birth" or resurrections. They are medically impossible.
Those pagan Greeks and Romans called their Emperors God. The Pantheon building testifies to the fact that they believed in many "gods." One more called Jesus was easy for them. They believed in magic. I don't think the Rabbi Jesus himself believed he was Yahweh walking the streets of the Galilee and Jerusalem. Hear Oh Israel. The Lord is God. The Lord is One. See Deuteronomy 6:4.
I jokingly told my husband last night that my mother was a virgin after she had me. You know what that makes me LOL.......not. I am not Divine, and neither is my family. LOL
There is no immortality...not in heaven, purgatory, or hell.