I Am a Carnivore!

Its Ash Wednesday and I'm enjoying a day filled with snacking on meat.

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To clear up my last comment …<br />
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god originally said we couldn’t eat pork, shellfish and a bunch of other stuff. Then jesus (who was also god) died. But then he rose from the dead, so god said pork and shellfish were ok, but that we could only eat fish on every Friday and every day, except Sunday, during lent. Homosexuality, however still remains an abomination. (There may be an exception for altar boys). Then much later, god changed his mind to making the fish thing only apply to Fridays during Lent. I think shell fish now count as fish. I am not sure about alligator.

god said, we must eat fish on Friday's only after years of having the rule you must eat fish everyday but Sunday during lent.<br />
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So, the eat fish on Friday's rule actually cut the fish sales.

One time my dad who is a catholic was talking to me about not being able to eat meat in lent.... he said "I think this was just a marketing ploy set up by the apostles... some were fishermen. Could you imagine how much their sales rose when they said 'God said we must eat fish on Friday in lent.' Who is going to argue with them?" *giggling* I was so shocked to hear him make a joke about his religion.

V. Lennin said that the seeds of the destruction of an empire lie within that empire(or words to that effect).<br />
The Catholic church is a perfect example of that to me. Unlike fundie faiths who loath and fear information, the catholic church embraces it in an attempt to redefine it in keeping with its dogmas.<br />
This leads to many of its members not only leaving the church but leaving religion as well.<br />
So give a little cheer to butt humping priests, sadistic nuns, and answers that end with "mystery"

I remember those days of fish only. I love fish though.

**** is easter coming up already? where is my easter bunny?