Christian Science Is An Oxymoron

I have been batteling the christian science demon all of my life. My Grandparents and Father were christian scientists. Eventually they turned to seeing medical doctors for themselves, but the brain washed viewpoint was there when someone else was ill. It was always "There is noting wrong with you. It's all in your mind. You don't need to see a doctor. I can't afford the fuel or the doctor bill" Everyone was deemed as "mentally ill" My Father and Grandparents abandoned my Mother and 3 children. Forever repeating over and over that my loving caring Mother was "mentally ill" Not realizing my husband had been raised christian science.... my husband sees medical doctors and has for years.... claiming that he could not believe in something that could not be demonstrated so he rejects christian science..... as a child he suffered Medical Neglect many times nearly loosing his life emotionally scarred. Physically weakened. But unfortunately still brainwashed. Unknowingly affected by this mental malpractice delusion. Also continually "diagnosing" me as " There is noting wrong with you. It's all in your mind. You don't need to see a doctor. I can't afford the fuel or the doctor bill" You are mentally ill. Everyone is deemed as "mentally ill" Me nearly having died from being refused medical help when suffering for 2 ( two ) months from 2 subdural hematomas after he rolled our SUV... then within 1 week of brain surgery I was being forced to do physically impossible things and suffering his intollerable anger and wrath over my failure..... christain science is an oxymoron.... Those that think that they practice it are medntally ill. Those that think they are in recovery.... are probably still brainwashed. They don't practice it on themselves but obviously practice it upon everyone else. I see MBE and her followers as demons. MBE claimed to never have been born... In the christian science world all is an illusion. The birds are not really up there in the trees singing.... sine MBE claimed to never have been born, then MBE didn't believe that Christ Jesus had been born. Therefore MBE was not a Christian. Therefore christian science doesn't exist... it is an OXYMORON. I know this demon.... be gone !!!!
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

The demon isn't god or a religion but the people who put you in such horrible positions..and they probably truly believed they were doing right by you. So, no demon. My aunt was a devout Christian scientist and we weren't although, there were and are so many aspects of it that I love. She told me as a very young child to treat it all (religion) like a big Chinese menu... Take what you like from column A and what works from column B... If something feels wrong or doesn't fit...Leave it. I haven't ever forgotten this silly but oh so helpful analogy. I'm sorry your experience was so negative...It's good that you are away from that situation.

It is so unfortunate that you must hurl malice at Science, and most importantly at those who practice Christian Science, and who have seen the demonstration of Divine Love time and time again.

I have always relied on prayer for the treatment of any supposed milady that mortal sense seemed to display as reality, and I have seen prayer work... not just some of the time, but EVERY TIME!

I respect you, and I understand if you feel that you cannot authentically walk the path of Christian Science, and that is quite alright. However, please, don't demonizing those of us who do live by the precepts of this beautiful religion authentically in our own lives.

"At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good. Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil. Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you." (Science and Health With Key To The Scriptures, By Mary Baker Eddy, 571:15-18)

The problem is that Mary Baker Eddy is a false profit. It is unfortunate the CSC continues to wreak havoc as church members continue to deny, deny, deny. I understand elevating yourself to a higher spiritual level, but do it the way of Jesus Christ and not MBE. Know the woman you are following, to the point of letting your child die. You can't do both. I read about this woman, and she was nothing more than a shrewd business woman of her day. And that was then, and this is now, and our medical treatments are the best in human history, so anybody that doesn't seek medical treatment for their sick child today, 2015, either needs to be imprisoned for child neglect, or is mentally ill, or both.

You shouldn't speak or write as such a "know it all" when you clearly don't have a clue. Even you said this was a long time ago. This was a blessing to those who could get behind it. I have seen many wonderful things as a result of this belief system. I choose to incorporate modern medicine into my life but it was a religion based on love. Founded on love. Obviously, anyone that would let their child die is an extremist. They come in all religious beliefs. Who TF are you to hand pick which ones are okay to stand with. The Westboro Baptist Church praises Jesus for dead babies and murdered soldiers and their only profit is Jesus. Do you want to be categorized with them?