Single And Codependent Maybe Love Addict?

Hi everyone-
So i am a 31 year old female who has been codependent my whole life whether it be with friends or boyfriends - I finally got away from it all no boyfriends no friends - but now i feek an overwhelming emptiness - loss -depression - like I dont know what to do with myself? I feel like I am just watching everyone live their lives while I am just existing ...The only time i ever feel alive is when I am in a relationship - i feel dead otherwise like I am just going throught the motions.. I have read up in cod all it ever speaks of is how to get out of bad relationships blah blah but what happens when you get away from them - and your left feeling like you cant find any happiness and just really lost??
thank you
julybaby954 julybaby954
31-35, F
1 Response Oct 7, 2012

You want to learn how to gain your power ---- go to --- great books, articls, a quiz you can take, and personal help if you choose;----when you get away from these relationships, which are not only codependent, but also love addiction, there is a very common relationship pattern of addicted codependent love.... you CAN find any happiness and STOP feeling lost. DON'T GIVE UP.