I Can Not Change Anybody But Me

I have to repeat this to myself frequently. I wish I had magical powers to fix others problems. I feel other people pain, and I want them to be happy.

I realize it is selfish and arrogant. Other people in pain, suffering, remind me that I don't have power to fix everything. It reminds me I am powerless.

I have been praying using visualizations lately..like pure light surrounding those I love and could worry endlessly about, and did before recovery. And, still have a tendency to now. This helps me to bypass all the words of prayering, that I noticed was my way of ruminating on their problems, instead of being in awe of their being and strengths.

I want to care about people without going crazy. I can not stop horrible things from happening to people. I cannot
vibrante vibrante
41-45, F
Dec 18, 2012