I Love Codependents!

I know that codependency can, if out of control, hurt, and even kill people, but, codependents, in general, are wonderful caring, compassionate

Controlling,yes.Controlled, yes, that too.

However, we are nurses,care providers,
teachers, social workers, counselors, mothers, fathers, fireman, police officers, ministers, defense attorney's, many, many other things that, in the truest sense are noble things. We take all the burden and try to carry it. It is an impossible, but honorable sickness to have.

Many codependant people have helped me and those I love.

Recovery doesn't mean not caring. It means that I do what I can, and let God do what only He can, and recognizing the difference.

This world is tough. We need healed helpers. A burned out helper is a person who needs kindness and support.

To all the people who have ever been kind to me, especially at certain points in my life when I was ready to give up, thank- you!!!! Be gentle and good to yourself too.
vibrante vibrante
41-45, F
Dec 18, 2012