I have found giving up manipulating very difficult as I recover.

I think I know how things should go, and life doesn't agree with me often. It is difficult to have a hands off policy especially when there is something that is important to me. Admitting I do not always know what is best, is humbling.

I have been practicing respecting others choices, and resisting the urge to try to convince anyone of anything. People know their own limits better than I do.

Life has been much saner now that I work on accepting, and not trying to make others what I want them to be, and not choosing to feel bad when I admit my own limits, and may disappoint someone else.

I let them off the hook, and me too. It is usually denial on my part when I find myself disappointed and resentful, unrealistic expectations I have placed on myself or others.

My willingness to be patient with circumstances, instead of forcing things, feels better in the long haul, even though it means dealing with my own anxiety while waiting.
vibrante vibrante
41-45, F
Dec 19, 2012