My Scars

I have been cutting since I was in middle school. Even before that I would scratch at myself, burn myself and do other thing self mutilate. Cutting has been a heavy coping mechanism that I used for years I am now 19 and I haven't cut in about 2 months. I have visible scars on my wrists, and I have scars on my inner thigh that take away my privilege on wearing anything short. I've had to get stitches twice. I have supporting friends, but none who have cut or know whats it like to want to cut. In journals i have smeared blood on my notebooks and written "this is what pain looks like" I would carve the word **** up in my arm. I have alot of anxiety and intensity about me. I've faced I AM ADDICTED to cutting, and its something i will think about quite often, s i need help.I am just looking for a little guidance, maybe a sponser?
EternalSunshine14 EternalSunshine14
May 6, 2012