Will One Hurt?

*sigh* My troubles started at 14 well to be honest it was more like 6 but i dnt wna talk about i started out smokin weed it was inocent an fun. I later turned in to a full blown meth addict with the occasional lines of cocaine my life slowy but surly fell apart i lost my family i hurt so many ppl i indangered my lil brother an sister, i bruned my mother over and over again, at 16 my mother sent me to live with my aunt an uncle i got better the detox was one of the harest things i ever been through i still remember layin on their couch sweating like crazy,as i got better i was ok i once in a wile still longged for it i wanted to get high i wanted to forget how messed up my life actually was. an not have to face my deamons. Im 19 today an been sober from meth an cocaine 2 in a half years. But latly ive been really struggling i want to get high i want to be so messed up it ends my life everyday its a constant struggle i kno wat will happn if i go down that road i lose every one my fam my bf my good friends. But then i think these are all the ppl that are drivin me to wna get high although i was a major addict everyone depended on me they didnt trust me but they gave me alot of responcebliity,Right now im torn between living a healthy life an destroying it all with one hit.
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

This is a hard walk , Whisper40814 . Meth is very addictive and it's craving will come, specially if you're down or depressed or frustrated. So PLEASE don't try to walk it alone , bcoz it may be too difficult. <br />
There are other addicts recovering and they'll be glad to be of help.Please read my story,you'll know.We are meeting regularly to help each other stay clean of drugs. Just check out www.na.org and message me if you wanna know more.<br />
Wish you a drug free day.<br />
Love n (((HUGs)))