Short But True

i used to pop pills every day not knowing where i mite wake up ..... i am only 15 i have done stupid thing this is one of them it hurts me just to look at everyone so happy and then i look at my arms at the scares they still are there and they wont go away but i learned how to deal with it .... hugs
iamsickofyourshit iamsickofyourshit
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I feel your pain. Im 23 and look like a human cushpin. If you saw me on the road youd think i was attacked by a pokeypine. Its been a year now of constantly seeing them and wishing them gone. Ive thought of getting tattos but whats the point since the scar would be gone before the tat... I hope you beat this spirt and enjoy the rest of your life. just remeber we are all beatiful in our own ways.