I Loved A Monster!

I was an Oxy addict of 3 years.

I like to identify oxy as a 'Monster' because it had ruined my life for that time period. I have never been so dependent on a substance before. Even thinking back on it gives me chills.

I loved every second being on oxy and I miss it so very much. But this monster is not only incredibly expensive but also drove me away from my family and friends & had also driven me into being diagnosed with Anorexia (which I am still recovering from).

I knew this amazing high wouldn't last forever, but nothing is worse than being so high up and coming down so hard, lower than reality. Nothing hurt me more. I had to quit. & It was hard, I wouldn't have been able to do it without my familys intervention.

Ive been clean for just over a year now. And although I miss that monster, the pain it caused just wasn't worth its wonderfulness.
LaMissy LaMissy
22-25, F
May 24, 2012