I'm Recovering From All Sorts Of Drugs, Gave Up Prostitution And Alcohol

Well so far so good I haven't touched a drug for 4 days which means I'm currently going through the withdrawal stage I have kicked cannabis, codeine abuse, crack cocaine, cocaine, amphetamines and methadone. I only ever did prostitution twice which was months ago all I did was suck **** for money TWICE. As for drink that was very easy. The clucking process has left me an emotional tearful and weak girl as I have lost my appetite in the process. I'm a care worker and today at work I CRASHED which left a few members of staff concerned even my boss seemed concerned but can't tell them the truth I am still very paranoid and suffering with insomnia despite the fact I have to do long hours being in care. Cannabis was my biggest problem out the lot.... Kicking that has been harder than all the other drugs. I need advice from people that's currently gave up cannabis.... Has anyone else noticed cannabis leaving the paws and does it smell of cannabis? And are you sweating excessively after giving up cannabis? How long would it take a pothead to get it out their system after 6 years of cannabis abuse? Am I strong for kicking all this? Will I reap the benefits if I stay clean and could I know a few of the benefits please? Thanks
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Hope your still doing well!

Hope you are doing ok hun. I'm also an alcoholic/addict in recovery. Things definitely get better!!! Like they say 'My worst day clean is better than my best day using!' One day at a time hun :)

60day=0 for myself...after 12 yrs on methadone...went CT and plowed thru it with health supplements, exercise and determination....still have the sleep deprivation but time will heal that also....best of luck to you.......focus minute to hr. to days to months to years....all senses return...good stuff.....

You are incredibly strong for giving up so much in one go!!! I mean that Sexmadgirl!! You must have been really ill, and believe me ,I know how you feel, I really do!! So cudos to you, WELL DONE!! Are you getting anybetter??Or is it early days?? You left me a letter and for some reason EP won't let me read it?? But you said Can you Score Heroin?/ Well yes I can, but the smack here is cut to ****!!Theres only a smidgen of gear in it!! I tried it for a few days after I came out of Detox, and they tested me and you know, no opiates came up, no methadone, just barbs???Barbituates are banned here now, so how was that in it???lol So yeah ,there are dealers, but I don't score it!!Look finish this off in a letter ,so its between us, ok, Cath

I can't answer your questions about cannabis withdrawals but I can tell you that yes, you are very strong for kicking all that you have! I used to have a drug problem/eating disorder (I basically smoked meth to stay thin... it was never so much for the high) almost 3 1/2 years ago and I know from experience how difficult it is to quit. My main problem when I quit was simply wanting relief from the misery of the withdrawals and because I had started pigging out. It was mainly the first week or two after crashing that was so bad. I was fine sleeping for two days straight but the insomnia followed along with extreme restlessness. I was really hot all the time also (that could be where your sweating issue is coming from - maybe it's just the body's way of getting rid of all of the poison we put in it... I don't know). I had these horrible dreams about getting high and would wake up hating myself for a second because the dreams were so real I thought I actually had done it. The dreams went away after about a year, the sweating after about 6 weeks. I still have trouble sleeping and every once in awhile if I think I'm putting on weight or get depressed, I will think about scoring somehow. I wonder sometimes if I will ever really lose the addiction or if it will always be with me. I wonder if I did come face to face with a chance to get high would I take it? I honestly probably would... depends on how I'm doing at the time I guess. Anyway... I only went into all that because I wanted to show you I've been there and I'm still working on it after 3 1/2 years. Be very proud of yourself each time the thought enters your mind to give up and give back in and you choose to stay clean. Each second that passes that you don't use is worth celebrating :) You can do it... hang in there!

Great going, girl ! WooHoo , Congrats. Please post how you are doing NOW ?
Cannabis has some withdrawals, but they are not crippling , so don't worry, walk through them n you walk out.
There are more mental withdrawal than physical so you may have mood swings, sleepiness or lack of patience etc.Please remember as you keep clean, it fades away.Do not give up.
Please also take help of others who have kicked drugs n alcohol.The best help is NA , i.e. Narcotics Anonymous.It's all former druggies, staying free of drugs n they will understand you, feel you, won't judge.I am a grateful member.
As for rewards there are huge rewards.But first is the freedom from compulsion to use drugs.Then your mind becomes unburdened , truly relaxed and you get a lot of peace n contentment.But that's only a beginning I found a whole new life with many gifts.
Please post again.
Love n Hugs