Rehab Works

In 20 days i have not done crack, shot coke or dope or smoked pot in a year. I was a crack and dope addict for 2 and a half years. Pot was about a 5 year everyday all day deal. I worked two job to support my habit and and pay rent. I broke up with a great man to date my dealer so i could get my stuff free or cheaper. all this crap wet on for almost 3 years. my parents told me that they would never talk to me again if i didnt go to rehab so i gave in and went the best thing i ever did. i married a great man and my whole life has changed. i moved to the south about 1600+ miles from home. i am going home in a few weeks. this makes me worried but i am going to be strong. you can fix your life it takes time and strength but you can do. i would not be where i am right now if i never went to rehab i fought it but i will never be that horrible girl again.
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

20 days is good enough for you,just remember how did you control it.Rehab is very effective because of your determination to stop it.

Great story of inspiration for others who have suffered the same fate. Props to you for taking the initiative to cleanse yourself :) Keep it up!