Don'T Give Up

Hello(: my name is Kye ... This is my first time expressing myself about something like this but the stories of others inspired me and gave me the courage to share my story.
I started using drugs when I was about 15. I was never really a big drinker though that ran pretty big in my family, I started off that way, but when friends and peers introduced me to a whole new way of having fun, I immediately got hooked. I started off smoking a little weed here and there everybody always talks about how weed isn't that bad or isn't considered a drug, but when it isn't enough you end up moving up to the next drug. I started using ecstasy heavy when I was in high school . That's when everything really started to turn around for me. I was comfortable with my sexuality, the fact that I was both Into men and women. My family wasn't very comfortable with that part and we all didn't get along as good. My older brother was killed and things seemed to get worse after that. I went from weed to ecstasy to overdosing on prescription pills. I got kicked out at 17 and was living with a girlfriend And when I moved and got on my own I was introduced to coke. I thought coke was the best I til I tried something that I thought was even better, crystal meth. At first, I didnt realize that the dealer I was getting the coke from was mixing it with meth then I went from using that anyway to snorting meth alone, then to smoking it. I felt so good when I was high I thought I had escaped from all of my problems, but I hadn't , I was creating larger ones. Everyone that I loved and cared about and sacrificed things for realized I had a problem but noone would help me. I was losing way too much weight, my hair , and my friends and family and my mind ! But only one person stepped up and stuck through. Ill keep his name anonymous but he knows exactly who he is. He showed me how important my life should be to myself. I was embarrassed to go to a rehab center so he helped me get and apartment and we treated that like one. I stayed inside for weeks, getting fresh air on the patio and eating continuously throughout the day so I can gain a normal weight back. I didn't realized had badly I was addicted until this idea. I was so paranoid all the time I always thought someone in the house or something was after me. I had the worst insomnia and I was craving coke and meth like anyone else would crave food and water. It was painful and the first few weeks were unbearable. But he stuck by me the WHOLE time, Talking me through it holding me through it and pushing me through and I honesty could not have done this without him. Even though I am only a few months sober, soon do be a year, im a 20 year old girl * eh hem * young woman now and I'm still getting through this one day at a time and I'm so thankful to have him in my life.
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You are indeed lucky.