I Still Have Hope

I am a recovering addict I used crystal meth for over ten years and struggle with my addiction. I am past the stage where I look ill, steal or display any drug addict behaviour I am a functional addict which means I can relapse over the wknd and come to work Monday and act like nothing happened.

I know that I must stop drinking in order to gain control of my addiction because I only relapse when I have too much to drink.

What makes it harder is that I am involved with someone who is the same boat as me and we are getting married soon. I fear that I will take this crap into my marriage but I am hopeful that things will change.
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2 Responses Oct 15, 2013

Been there done that. Meth is a hard to one to kick. I was completely functional at work and school throughout my meth years but man the withdrawal.... I sure caused a lot of pain to my family. It's been a long time since I quit and there are still days I wish I could have it ( like those days you have a lot of stuff to do??) I am so glad I'm sober .

I am also a recovering meth addict who, like yourself, can function on a daily basis and keep it under the radar from the people in my life that would never understand. My advice to you is for you and your lady to get your lives figured out on their own. Maybe you are holding one another back from getting to the point in your lives that you want to be. If you go into a marriage with a weight like this one both of you (seperatly and for different reasons) then it is likely that it wont work out.