Right now I am 4 years sober, next march ill be 5 years sober. My drugs of choice were-Pain killers, Coke, Ecstasy, and a lot a lot of weed. I got sober cold turkey, because I didn't want to get locked up again, meaning going to rehab because I was locked up in a mental institution. So I had no choice but to go cold turkey. I started snorting pain killers when I was 14, and for about...7/8 years I was a junkie. I was at one point living with an abusive boyfriend in a motel for a few months because I ran away from my sisters house and I was just doing drugs alllllll day and night at the motel. I was so bad in school, between periods id go to the bathroom and snort pills on the damn toilet, and even in in school suspension. I just wanted to stay high, I dropped out of school because of drugs. I stole money and jewelry from my sister to buy pills and weed, no one trusted me in my small family, because I kept ******* up and getting high all the time. Part of what made me an addict was my ***** doner gave me my first line of coke when I was like 8/9 and he was an addict all his life. I was suicidal and majorly self destructive so I numbed the pain with drugs. I got tired of always feeling like that and upsetting my mom and sister and breaking their hearts. I moved from my sisters house back to my moms then I started dating my now fiancé and he helped me go cold turkey. I don't miss getting high any more, I like knowing what im doing, and where im at. I regret so much I did when I was on drugs, but all I can do now is just stay clean and sober, and prove it with my actions. Because words people hear over and over and eventually don't mean ****, so you have to show your loved ones your really trying your best. One day at a time baby. That's what you gotta live by, to survive
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Congrats, good for you :)