Don't Get Me Wrong...

I know this will probably **** a few people off, but I get pissed off too when I think about all the years and time wasted in a religion that I didn't choose to be involved with. Having said that, most of the Mormons I have known have been really great people, and I enjoyed their company when it wasn't involved with a church function, or Stake meeting, or oily healing ceremony.

Don't get me wrong, I fully embrace a "to each his own" philosophy, but when it keeps getting shoved down my throat, I have to say it leaves a very bitter taste, and a very bitter person.

Verence Verence
5 Responses Mar 13, 2009

I am with you Verence. Been there and experienced both the good of the individuals and the presures of the organization. I felt like I was not a person, one that was lied to at every turn. Leaving the church was the bst thing that could have happened to me because I can now see the truth.<br />
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To have somene else's ideas and beliefs shoved down your throat is exactly what the Momron / LDS is all about, and 777heaven proves it perfectly in her own comment. They are blind slaves following something something that they need to force on others. That is what the Momrons are all about, forcing lies down other's throats, including their own members.<br />
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We have broken free, escaped from this cult. Now we can live and share our experiences with others in the hope of saving others from the lies we were force fed.

so i dont want to sound preachy because even i right now am questioning my religious devotion..but i just want to say that one of the fundemental mormon teachings is that its not the people, its the gospel. i totally agree that many mormons are pushy or may try to force the religion on people but its because people arent perfect and dont know how to express what they feel the right way. <br />
in order to make a decision about whether or not you want to be mormon..dont ask yourself if you want to deal with the people shoving it down your throat, dont even worry about them, they are insignificant unless you make them more, <br />
ask yourself if you really believe in the teachings, or if you did or didnt recieve an answer when you prayed, and the biggest question do you believe that joseph smith did have that vision and the book of mormon is inspired of god? if you do believe, than you know that a lot more is at stake than just having to deal with pushy people, <br />
earth life is such a small fast paced period in the universe. so do you believe the teachings concerning afterlife taught by the mormon church? if not, if you prayed and didnt get the answer, or you know for certain that the gospel is not true, then you have legit reason to leave the church.

yeah I was raised LDS, and first started questioning the church when I went to college. But I kept it quiet for the most part. Then when I graduated and moved to California, I started dating a non-LDS guy, and I went inactive. We just broke up and I am not sure if I want to be the Mormon I have been my whole life. It is such an intense religion and people are so pushy. Sometimes I just want to tell people to let me be, let me think for myself. There are things I love about the church and 100% agree with; there are other things I dislike. Not sure how I'm gonna handle this situation.

Thanks. I needed that. It felt good to say it.

Hear! Hear!