I found the best way to force myself to stop biting my nails was to frighten myself into keeping away from them. I bit them all the time up until I was 12, and then I saw another girl's nails. They were beautiful; long and shiny and manicured. I felt ashamed of my ruined fingers. A sudden thought popped into my head; what if, when I went for interviews later on in life, people didn't hire me because my nails looked disgusting, and I appeared nervous or weird, chewing my nails? That stopped me! I got a nail kit that Christmas and immediately set about learning how to use it. Pretty soon I had some nails, weak as they were. Years passed, and I love having lovely long finger nails! They are strong and beautiful, just as I dreamed they would be.
Seblett Seblett
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014