Slowly On My Way.

I grew up in the middle of the country in small towns. Everyone looked like everyone else.  Most people worked hard, but didn't have much.  Went to church every Sunday.  But we were suspicious of anyone who was different.  Thought my growing up was the norm, and everyone was like us.  In high school, the big thing was to have a car, and drag main street.  Life was good.  First big awakening was when I went off to college.  All kinds and color of students and teachers.  When I was in the Army, again there were all kinds of people.  After college, got a job in a different State.  Had the Ford pickup with gun racks, and usually a rifle in it.  Later, used the gun rack for fly rods.  By then, knew that I saw life differently that a lot of people I was living around.  Over time have gone from very conservative toward liberal. A good part of that is probably because I left and moved to the West coast.  We are all in this together, and need to look out for each other.  Seems that those who are still back there are pretty much like I used to be.  No saying its bad or good, just my view of it.  Last big thing is traveling overseas.  Meeting people from other cultures.  At a pub in Dublin, just before one of our elections, talked with three guys who knew way more about what was going on in US than I knew about what was going on in the world.  In our newspapers, lucky to find more than a page or two of international news.      
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thank-you for sharing,we think that every one is relatively the same but forget that others have different outlooks.

What an honest piece of writing! Great stuff

Thanks. Find it a whole lot easier to be honest. Don\'t have to remember any lies that way. But, being honest, I also don\'t have to tell everything that I know.

Oh you just need a crib sheet for the lies! LOL :-)

For the record I am a self acknowledged extreme liberal. But when I say that I mean that my thinking and beliefs are constantly changing not that I believe a specific set of beliefs. I could get new facts tomorrow and change my mind from my current belief to a new one. I believe in the future because I think we as a world are constantly learning new things that should cause us to stop and question our existing beliefs. You know things like does the sun revolve around us, or us around the sun.

Not long ago I watched a couple of talks from TED (Technology Entertainment, and Design). These talks caused me to revise my thinking about liberal vs conservative thinking. Maybe you all might find them interesting also so I have included them below. I hope you enjoy. Shalom

So where does the impression that every minority is living off Your tax dollars come from. Even people in states with a homogeneous population must know some minorities of jobs, they've seen them on t.v.

This comment doesn't seem to apply to the story. At least I certainly didn't think I gave that impression.

Thanks for the clarification. Not sure that I know for sure. I left there 45 years ago. The town I grew up in didn't have any minorities. And this was before television. I have three nephews back in the mid-west now. And they have bought into all of the conservative party bull ****. Always putting out crap on facebook. Might be in part that they don't have good jobs, and need someone to blame. Think some of it is stockholm syndrome. When back visiting family, was surprised at how racist my aunts are. We went to a Walmart, and a hispanic family was talking among themselves, and my aunts thought that they were being talked about. I know some spanish, and the family was talking about what clothes they needed to buy. I certainly didn't think they were talking about us.

An open mind is beautiful!

Thanks. Just a work in progress.

You didn't give that impression. But when you mentioned that you were from a conservative background, I thought I'd ask. That seems to be the impression I get from many of the conservatives I've spoken to.